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Mould chutes are made of durable plastic and are of rugged construction. The inserted hard PVC lining in the bottom is held in place with nylon screws that protect even the most delicate moulding. The unique construction will not absorb oil or grease and is abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant. Each mould chute is easily cleaned using simple household cleaners. There are no concertina folds to trap mouldings or dirt. They come in 18 standard sizes with in-line or side exit delivery chutes. We also offer Straight or Tapered Mould Skirts for when you don't need a chute but still require protection from contamination and loss.

If you know what you want it's easy to buy mould chutes & skirts online and your purchase will be shipped to you within a few days. If you are not sure of your requirements there is plenty of detail to view on the products or alternatively call us on 01527 5717334 during office hours for free friendly advice.

mould chutes

Mould Chutes:

Mould Chutes sit beneath the mould to catch and direct parts falling from the mould. Made from soft vinyl they prevent damage to the mouldings and reduce wastage. Attaching under the mould using magnets and Velcro straps the chutes are quick and easy to fit and remove. In line and right angle versions make the chutes suitable for directing parts onto a conveyor or into a static container.

Click here to view a brief video showing a mould chute in action.

mould skirts

Mould Skirts:

Made from durable material that is grease, abrasion, and tear resistant. Easily cleaned with household cleaners and without concertina folds to trap mouldings or dirt. There are 9 standard sizes and tapered skirts are also available.

The unique design of the Mould Skirt allows it to be attached to the machine using either magnets or Velcro support harnesses.



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